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The best way to get an accurate estimate is by looking at celebrities' pay and comparing it to their perceived income. And one of the most popular ways to get an estimate of the star's net worth is by using their salary. Some people look at celebrity net worth as a measure of success; others see it as a measure of wealth.

Being a rich Youtube star is just like being an ordinary person. Being a famous brand will get you in the news, have more exposure and get more attention from your fans. If you want an unusual lifestyle with an adoring audience, sign up for YouTube and become a YouTuber.

Who is powerful? Who has money? Who has resources? The answer is: people with power. It's a term that has meaning. Often, wealthy people are those who have advantages, while famous people are typically rich because of their fame. We have listed out the most powerful YouTubers in the YouTube by net worth. Here we will take a peek into the world of internet users and find out who makes the most money online.


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