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The most common method for saving Instagram stories is an Instagram story downloader until they are removed.

You can import Instagram stories and highlight stories from our Instagram story download function and see Instagram stories online. See Instagram stories anonymously and pick the stories you like to save. Download or watch every Instagram story online by clicking on a button!

How to download stories from Instagram?

A step-by-step guide to uploading an Instagram story.


1. Open an Instagram profile and save Instagram stories from which you want to download and.

2. Copy the Instagram profile url/link or username.

3. Copy the Instagram copy profile URL or username to the Instagram Story Downloader URL area.

4. To import an Instagram post, press the "Download" tab.

What is the downloader of Instagram Stories?

'Storiesdown.com' is an online tool for uploading IG stories and storing them on every computer. Or if you want to display Instagram stories until they're downloaded, this app functions well as an online view of Instagram stories. Downloader Instagram Stories saves all IG stories in good quality Mp4 format on your computer and is completely secure.


If you inquire how Instagram stories can be rescued from Instagram, please read our guide above.

• How to download the story of Instagram?


Please use the Free Instagram Story downloader tool here to download Instagram story.


1. Enter the username of Instagram or copy the url/link user account.

2. Paste the copied Instagram username or URL of the Instagram profile to our tool.

3. Tap the "View" button for stories and the story you would like to view and save.

4. Go to File > Save Page As in your browser in order to save high quality Instagram video story. Done! Done!


· How to stream Instagram stories anonymously?


Using our Instagram account viewer to peek at your EX or other Instagram profile storys anonymously! Easy: it's easy:


1. Form Instagram Username or Copy User url/link to which stories to view.

2. Tap on the button 'Stories View' and pick the story to see or download.

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