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by study24x7


What does it do?:*
Study24x7 is a collaborative platform for Educators & Learners. We believe every student is a teacher and every teacher is a learner. Study24x7 provides a platform for our community to Teach and Learn and make education to the next level

Why do we need it?:*
Study24x7 is a platform for anyone who wants to teach and learn. its the first Edu social network where any student can interact with the teacher without any problem by using chat, comments video chat, etc just like other social networks

Who is it for?:*
Study24x7 is for every individual who wants to teach and who want to learn. 
It is a free to use Edu social network where student can learn and as well as they can teach even teacher can start their Online Classes and start teaching online

What makes it stand out from the crowd?:*
Study24x7 is totally Free to use Edu social network for anyone who desires to study or teach online, We believe every student is a teacher and every teacher is a learner and with this saying, we do support every hidden teacher 

What's next?:*
Study24x7 an online teaching platform  believes that you do not need a classroom to teach and you do not have to have expensive things to teach, Study24x7 try to take education from the physical world to the digital world and make everything convenient

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