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Sweet centre

Sweet centre

by Sweet Centre

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There was no place in Bradford in which you can get Asian food in 1964. The fast growth of the Indian and Pakistani population in Bradford gives us an idea why not bring Asian food to Bradford. We stock all of the Desi flavours of Indian food and both Pakistani in Bradford.

We serve everyone at Bradford with meals, snacks and breakfast that are loaded with flavour. The quickest delivery is extended by us at the sweet centre. As the title suggests, our main idea was to make a sweet shop where folks are able to buy sweets that are loaded with flavour. But with time we are going to improve our sweet centre and right now you are able to enjoy numerous desi flavours of rich Asian meals.

Take a visit to the sweet centre today with your friends and family to experience our delicious meals and sweets which are loaded with flavour. We also produce an ideal ambience for you to really feel at home.

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