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İşte Çanta

İşte Çanta

by İşte Tişört

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The main fields of activity of our company are promotional cloth bags, gift cloth bags and hobby materials. Bez Çanta

My diaper bag is istecanta.co operating in the area of ​​Turkey's largest online wholesale cloth grocery bags. istecanta.com continues its domestic and international activities with its staff of 60 people serving in the field of production and sales. istecanta.com has a total production area of ​​1000 m2 and a wholesale store of 200 m2.

You can take advantage of installment payments by credit card for your shopping on our online shopping site istecanta.com. With the advantage of fast shipping and free returns, istecanta.com continues to be the leading company among online sales companies in the cloth bag industry.

We are proud to be the shopping site that sells the most preferred cloth bags and different bag models. We enjoy selling a product that protects human health and the environment. our vision Starting off with the slogan “For a cleaner world”, istecanta.com has adopted the philosophy of offering products and services that are sensitive to nature, not “formally” based on knowledge and creativity, to create a quality and livable world. Our Mission Turkey and organic produce raw cloth bags all over the world, our company is fast delivery and serial production infrastructure company with industry-leading diaper bag.

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