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The Amazing Flip It Bottle

The Amazing Flip It Bottle

by The Amazing Flip It Bottle


Over the years, we worked tirelessly in crafting and testing different ideas to get a bottle flipping game.  We have analyzed and re-tested ideas and theories.  We designed and built different bottles, caps, and landing planks.  We eventually created a series of specifications for our aerodynamically engineered bottles and caps to improve competitive play.  We paid great attention to the high quality of the products -- such as our hand-crafted wooden game board -- which are all built with good craftsmanship.

The Amazing Flip It Bottle is a highly interactive fun flipping bottle game where individuals gather together and in person with one another.The Amazing Flip It Bottle Hole Game is the only game where flipping bottle challenge keeps competitive bottle flippers in mind.
It is a bottle flip challenge game of light weight, durable and it comes with a protective rubber padding to uphold the rigors of exciting tournament play.

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