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The Landmark School

The Landmark School

by The Landmark School

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Landmark School, one of the Good CBSE schools Bangalore East, aims to inculcate aesthetic and sensual experiences in children. 
We are well aware of the most crucial phase of child's life, wherein the marks we leave, every small memories, experiences and impressions play a decisive role in creating positive outlook. We seek to develop love and enjoyment of learning as well as satiate intellectual curiosity in them. We want our children to equip themselves with skills and resilience needed to deal with the challenges of a career and family responsibilities ahead. We, offer a modern, holistic and integrated system of teaching, which shapes students as free thinkers, who can easily function as tomorrow’s global citizens. We are the school with criteria of,

  • A space of warmth, protection and sense of togetherness.
  • A school where child's growth is measured, documented, valued, and utilized to ensure ongoing, consistent improvement both for the individual student and the school as a whole.
  • A professional staff who work and plan co-operatively, and always seek what is best for students.
  • Focus on health and hygiene
  • Top most priority on safety measures

The Landmark School is a collaborative junction, wherein teachers, parents and children work together, respect one another and create a conducive environment for teaching and learning. The Landmark School is the space of learning, where fun and values are part and parcel of daily life.

We offer programs such as Pre-Primary, Pre-Pimary Montessori, Primary CBSE, Primary Montessori & Middle Class

Being a Montessori School Banaswadi, Our Pre–primary Progressive – Integrated curriculum< focuses on creating real-life learning opportunities for students in order to gain meaningful knowledge that promises value beyond the traditional schools. Topics are examined in all disciplines for more relevant learning opportunities. Subjects like english, number work,  world around us,  Aerobics, The Arts, cooking and pottery etc, are integrated to encourage holistic development in a child. In learning environment students; rather being passive receivers gain experiences by solving problems and sharing ideas with others.  Teachers as learners and students redefine their understanding in a 
dynamic and exploratory ways, rather simply collecting isolated facts and skills.

Our Pre-Primary Montessori education is about working according to the ability of the child, developing a sense of order, nurturing functional creativity, boosting self confidence and, most important, bringing a sense of independence. It also helps every child develop essential skills already within them to master the creative learning process all through their life. It is all about helping them with activities to develop the skills essential for success not only in school but also in real life. Montessori Schools near KR Puram

Our primary school program covers a period of four years, wherein the scope and depth of learning increases gradually, while opportunities for play and creative expressions continue to complement learning. The language (English) learning is emphasized in first two years (grades 1 and 2), with the introduction of a second language, (Kannada/Hindi)along with mathematics in practical terms, to encourage observation and discovery. Children also start using the computer as a tool for learning and communication.In the Upper Primary School (grades 3,4) children begin to use their acquired skills in language and mathematics to take the cognitive problem solving initiatives. The CBSE curriculum incorporates social studies and science in addition to previously taught subjects. Attention is given to attain a requisite level in each subject through independent and collaborative learning. Care is taken by teachers to ensure whole-class learning and the purpose of assessment is to reflect the quality of the students' understanding of concept.

Our Primary Montessori method (Grades 1st to 5th) is built on the philosophy and pedagogy of Maria Montessori, which takes into consideration the growing and developmental needs of children of this age group. The mixed age group in each environment (ages 6 to 9 approximately) provides opportunities for wider social interaction, the development of essential life skills such 
as cooperating with others, turn-taking, understanding the dynamics of a group, and accepting responsibility for one's decisions and actions. Individual, natural learning are respected and supported and children can learn at their own pace working with younger or older children.

In The Landmark School, Good CBSE Schools ITPL This phase is characterised by the transition from childhood to pre-teens and adolescence a time when children experience and witness dramatic physical, emotional and social changes in self and peer group. The Middle School classes (grade 5th to grade 7th)offers an expanded curriculum to match the growing abilities of children in assimilating information and 
grasping abstract ideas. Extending the educational exposure and experience provided by the Primary School Programme, Middle School Programme focuses on strengthening the knowledge, skills and competencies of the child through comprehensive, innovative and creative learning activities.

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