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The Others Weddings

The Others Weddings

by Maikel Wey

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Wedding photographers Ibiza
Singular wedding photography

Our focus is your love story.
Actually, we're just three friends who love photography and drinking beer.

We couldn't make beer drinking into a career, so we decided to work together as photographers here in Ibiza. We all have our own unique style, which helps us cater to a wide variety of couples on their wedding day. Whether it's elegant attire, shorts on the beach, or somewhere in between, we have a blast capturing the love, fun, emotion, and events through stunning visuals.

We pride ourselves in taking nontraditional photos to match each couple's style. No prom poses, we promise. Ibiza adds glamour. We add spunk. We love what we do almost as much as you love each other. You won't have to worry about the photography on your wedding day because we'll get all the shots.

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