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The Quaterz provides you with the latest and tested information about Blogging, SEO, WordPress Plugins, Google Adsense Approval, Earn Money Online and How to Choose a Blogging Platform between Wordpress vs Blogger

It is a place for the people who want to master digital marketing, Email Marketing, Content marketing, SEO, Blogging  and want to make a living out of it.

We work on teaching everyone about this amazing part of the wholesome online industry. But teaching can never be successful if you would not be a failure once.

"Social Media Optimization"

We fall, we stand up again, but we never lod=se hope. We know that someday we will be succeeded in the SERPs. We have done a lot of experiments with our blogs and will provide the positively tested experiments. People out there will decrease your hope by giving you hoax statements about the rules and regulation that has never been created by Google. 

These hoax statements have created some blogging Mafias that do not want others to up lift their blogs. They want to decrease the competition of the market. But here at The Quaterz, we want to help people by telling them the truth. Because The Quaterz is not our Primary source of Earning.

" How to make money blogging , making money online "

As mentioned above, we have done several experiments with our Blog and many of them have failed but the passed ones are being listed in a form of article on our blog.

We are against Nepotism and Favouritism. Yes we do charge for personal Training and Content Writing Services.

The motive behind starting The Quaterz is to provide the best, updated, and tried and tested information to the people who want to learn Digital marketing or internet marketing. We share the information keeping it as easy as possible for you to understand.

So, if you are a newbie and want to learn any part of the above mentioned courses, want to make it a career, want to see your bank account pumping up, as it should be, then subscribe us, and We'll make sure you get what you want.


If you have any suggestions, then feel free to ping us. We'd really appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

For Business, Promotion, Advertising, and Application Promotion, email us at


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