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Design Nominees


by tohodo.com


This website is my personal homepage mostly showcasing some things I've worked on. It strives to evoke an experience of booting into a futuristic computer terminal powered by a fictional operating system called MARS (Martian Augmented Retrieval & Storage). It is broken into three sections:

  1. CLI (a working terminal at top -- try cd projects, uname, ver, etc., though most require root access)
  2. GUI (interactive file system in the middle)
  3. Status panels (bottom)

There are many homages to things that had a lasting impact on me while growing up scattered throughout the "OS", but that's for visitors to discover ^_^.


  • For the best experience, view on your desktop with audio enabled.
  • Since I don't have access to Apple devices, Safari browsers on the desktop and all browsers on iPhones will get a downgraded version of the site using a stylesheet meant for legacy browsers. I hope to rectify this by getting an Apple device to test on sometime in the future.

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