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03 Dec 2017 Site Of The Day


by U Grow India - Online Baby Products

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U-Grow, a European baby care and mother care brand is the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, ergonomics and functionality, to give you everything you need to increase your child’s growth. Our product range has 5 categories i.e. Health, feeding, hygiene, child’s bedroom & travelling which are designed by parents for kids.U-Grow respond to human needs and we want every parent regardless of social class, afford a quality product and safety for children.

We combine technology with care and love, because we believe that a good life is based on health. Our products are safe with BPA free and non-toxic. U-Grow was born as a response to a need (or more). The need for safety! The need for quality; the certainty that parents will be able to raise healthy children.

OUR VALUES – Caring, Safety, Quality, Simplicity, Technology, Love & Life.

OUR VISION – We intend to conquer our market segment with products to satisfy our customers’ needs, promoting quality, affordable health and safety.

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