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Development of a corporate website of the factoring company "Unifactor".


It is necessary to develop a stylish website for a successful factoring company. The website should conform to the corporate style of the company, be easy to navigate and at the same time it should be functional.

The algorithm is the following:

1. Market Research

Before starting work the following was done:

- marketing research;

- the company's competitors and their websites were analyzed;

- "brainstorm" was done by the members of the teams that worked on the project;

- a concept of the website was developed.

2. Creation of a site layout

After the approval of the website concept, the designer began to work. Since a non-standard approach in visualizing the Internet resource was defined in the concept, the designer had to elaborate detailed layouts and creativity.

The company is represented in the best way, with the reflection of the significant advantages and innovative ways of working.

The website, of course, is adapted to any type of device.

3. Development, testing and launch of the website

After coordination and approval of the design of the website, the technical experts started to work to realize all the design pieces and functional features and create an image of the website. It was necessary to link and connect everything using simple technological solutions.

The development team implemented various forms of the feedback, an English-language version of the website and other functional features, according to TDA, also an online consultant was set.

Result: Unique design solutions and special corporate identity made the website vivid and memorable and at the same time the website is simple and easy to use. The most important thing is that the website has become an effective tool to attract customers! And what kind of the website of the factoring company should be?

Technology: 7 PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.

Platform: 1C-Bitrix Site Manager

Team: 5 members (layout designer, webpage designer, 2 developers, project manager).

Website address: https://unifactoring.ru

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