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ISO certification of different standards provided to an organisation from an ISO consulting services helps in growth and improvement of organisation and provides branding for its products.ISO International Standards provide  tools for tackling most of the global challenges at present. Some of the International Standards like ISO 14001, CMMi, ISO 18001  work in sectors like Environmental management, Services, Health and safety and many more.

What is OHSAS 18001?

OHSAS 18001 is an internationally recognised standard for providing the requirements that are related to Health and safety management systems. It allows an organisation to have control over hazards relevant to organisation that are resulting from absurd situations and help in improving its performance. ISO 18001 certification service is applicable to organisation of all kinds of business sectors and activities.

Health and safety of both staffs and clients have been the first priority for an organisation. ISO 18001 certification is focused on Health and Safety management system specification of an organisation. It is intended to assist an organisation in controlling health and safety risks. It’s an widespread recognised standard in demand for which the organisation wants to be certified.

OHSAS certification is applicable to those organisation which wishes to:

Establish an health and safety management system for reducing the risks to employees and other parties who are exposed to any hazards caused during activities.

Assure conformance of the product as its stated in OHSAS policy.

Demonstrate those conformance to the customers.

Improving and maintaining by continual focusing on OH&S management system.

To seek the certification of its OH&S management system from an external organisation.

Business Benefits of OHSAS:

As everyone knows that a certification helps an organisation in developing their business by improving the quality of work and also ensure that people work in safe environment. Achieving zero accidents is a big challenging task for an organisation.

But with OHSAS certification, the organisation is guaranteed with the better performance. It can be treated as complete advantage for the business growth.

Employees safety: As you have employed such standard for your company, you are guaranteeing the employers that you reducing or eliminating their risks that may be caused during working. This makes the employees happier and comfortable in working and would like to continue working there.  This shows your commitment to keep your employees safe.

Branding and Marketing:  Before targeting the customers it is necessary to have  good branding about the company. Customers would trust your company when they ensure that the quality of products are safe. This gives huge sense of beliefs to the customers.

Improved relationship with stakeholders and customers.

Establishing OHSAS 18001:

First priority should be given to health and safety.

Ensure the stakeholders that best practice system is done.

Prepare an occupational, health and safety policy and its objectives and programmes.

Get documentation and record control of process.

Implement a procedure to identify hazards and resolve in work place.

Clearly define all the elements that are required for managing health and safety.

Determine techniques for identifying the potential causes for accidents at the work place.

Make sure that appropriate measures are taken to protect the staffs.

Put on a clear process in place so that everyone can understand and follow.

Make sure that all the legal  requirements are taken into account while implementing and maintain the OHSAS system.

Be prepared for emergency situations.

Proper reporting of accident and more care to be taken after the cause.

Reduces overall costs occurred due to accidents.

Define roles and responsibilities with regard to OHSAS policy.

Adopt international best practices related to risk management.

Ensure well-being of employees.

Eliminating hazardous work places.

Audit and review the management system.

An organisation need to stay up-to-date about the legislation.

Importance of OHSAS for an organisation:

Poor health and safety management system can highly damage reputation of an organisation with  both investors and customers.

OHSAS is suitable for those business that employs as it minimizes the risk of accidents and demonstrates your commitment for health and safety.

It demonstrates the safety and health credentials of the company.

Impress the existing clients.

Helps in attracting new customers.

Gives reassurance to the clients.

Improve image of the company among stakeholders.

Helps in implementing those policies and procedures that can help in tackling the problems.

Minimize the risk of delivery delays.

Increases productivity due to complete involvement of employees into work.

Improved communication and training among workers.

Helps in increasing the employee motivation by providing safer workplace.

Improves reputation and stakeholder’s satisfaction which directly represents the organisation positively for investors and tenders and can get good business opportunities.

Results in greater involvement of employees in business growth.

Looking to get certified?

Veave Technologies pvt ltd have become the top ISO consultancy in Kuwait. With 10 years of experience in consulting industry, we are successful in achieving the target of over 3000 projects across 20 different countries. We are specialised in providing certifications for standards like ISO 9001 certification, ISO 27001 certification and many more. Our process starts with advising the standard of certification to be provided to an particular organisation, and helping them from improving their process to building the brand for company.

Our certified consultants help your team on understanding about the implementation of OHSAS 18001 and perform internal auditing on your management system. Being experts in industry, you can have trust on us to go through the process quickly and with cost effective. Our goal is to keep your people safe and show you the real benefits. We help your organisation in establishing a responsible image. Along with this standard we also have ISO 9001 certification with us.

With our trained and experienced lead auditors, we provide ISO training to your employees and our regular visits to ensure your product quality will help in improving your business process. This results in increased sales and brand recognition and as a results increased profits to the organisation.  Once you have ISO certificate, this will benchmark your performance. If you are looking to get certified then we are your one-stop solution for all consulting, auditing and certification. To contact us, reach us at contact@veave.in or www.veave.in/iso-certification-in-kuwait.html

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