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vivida photography london

vivida photography london



I am Maninder Ghatoray, an Asian wedding photographer based in London. I started out entirely as a Indian wedding photographer in 2008, but I’ve had experience in the fashion industry prior to my current career. I have travelled worldwide to shoot countless weddings belonging to many different cultures. My passion for wedding photography is thorough because I have a great interest in depicting sentimental, unforgettable memories and the complex love between a couple through my work.  Creating an image that can evoke sentiment in relation to their special day amongst my clients is of utmost importance to me. A wedding only occurs once, that is why it’s vital for a professional that can deliver exquisite and emotive photography to be present. My style is unique because I fixate on being able to convey raw emotions and a story within an image, while also utilising my talent to create high quality shots. In all Indian and modern Asian weddings, emotions, vibrant colours and traditions are very important and I hope to be able to replicate this unique atmosphere in my work. From the moment you book my wedding photography and videography services until the final photo delivery, I strive to build a strong relationship with you so that we can work happily to achieve the type of wedding photography that you need. Maninder Ghatoray believes flawless is the only acceptable level. Asian Photographer - Indian, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and weddings in, London, UK


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