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wedding dresses

wedding dresses

by lili

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And this is a romantic website, in the above we can find all kinds of wedding dress and believe you put on it, it will always be the most beautiful bride.
Website introduces the characteristics of various wedding dress:
Adornment gimmick is still mainly traditional embroidery, pearl crystal sequins, lace, lace, bowknot, fold, falbala, three-dimensional flowers and feathers, etc., choose than column is also in this order, is no different with previous. 
Romantic level
Performance levels on change and rhythm, rather than the adornment of heavy and complicated, we see a lot of oblique even longitudinal falbala, romantic and beautiful.There are levels of fluffy, full of empty inspiration, not heavy. 
The three-dimensional contour
Wedding dress selection is one of the most high quality fabrics, hang down feeling good silks and satins, blockbuster brocade, smooth dry gauze or taffeta, all can clear the stereo modelling of molded lines, and not limited and the outline of the overall or partial decoration. 
Elegant curve
Fishtail skirt can show A woman most of s-shaped curve, and the latest fishtail skirt style under the hips will not too tight, slowly open the hem above the knee, to A more general slender shape, A got-up figure, more walk more convenient also
Colour is more varied
Spring and summer of 2011, the international standard Pantone color authority after the search, the New York designer took ten kinds of color as a ladies' fashion colour, including violet, light yellow, turquoise, coral powder, tomato powder color, bright blue, champagne, shallow brown, olive green, eucalyptus ash Tuscany.Have been into the popular clothing system of the design of dress also roughly according to this colour system choice this season main color, color of tomato and turquoise is the key of the wedding dress color this season. 
The winning design style is more inclined to details
The processing of this dress more attention to detail.Designers to continue the processing of detail, overall modelling simple fashion to focus more on the shoulder, neck and waist line design, hollow out, embroidery, flowers and other elements are widely used.The use of Oriental elements such as embroidery make western-style wedding dress more conforms to the east the bride's graceful temperament.Transparent design is also this season the shoulders and neckline wedding dress. 
Fashion design
1. Chinese style western-style details clipping: small favors, button, mandarin, the Chinese cheongsam of characteristic elements now also appears in the western-style tailored bridal gowns. 
2. : small, beautiful white wedding dress designers in cloth with no decorations, simply draw the outline of the outline of wedding dresses with lace, and for the wedding dress collocation with the veil, disclosing the lasting appeal of elegant is simple.Wedding dresses of this kind of simple but slightly see mind is most suitable for Chinese bride with a petite figure, wear in the body wen wan but person, is a heartache. 
3. Luxury to occupy the trend of the tip: now dress popularity and concise style, and taking luxury line wedding dress is returned to the fashion tips, more luxurious wedding dress more show precious.In particular, chun xia's wedding dress design is reshaping the waist tall image restoring ancient ways, such as imitation of the baroque chest and waist to build a beautiful curve.Similar court dress hubble-bubble sleeve occurrence rate is extremely high, strapless dress style is also affected by the designer.Have clear gauze and chiffon dotted with beautiful hot drilling and crystal, build the feeling of the posh. 
4. The folds of the skirt is a bright spot: with a long tail of restoring ancient ways with the traditional wedding dress is different, a lot of new spring/summer wedding dress skirt shorter, the length of the dress are above the ankle, make the wedding dress style that restore ancient ways which add to the modern.Although cut short the length of the dress, but the design of the skirt is a highlight of the wedding dress of type restoring ancient ways, designer creates a layered skirt effect, when hemlines have weight, not because of any length shorter and reduce its luxuriant degree. 
5. Large three-dimensional lace slutty: lace just appear as decorations on the wedding dress, the bud in the spring and summer has already became the main part of the wedding dress from the role of ornaments, spring and summer fashion lace lace, is no longer a plane has stereo feeling of the hugely popular European handmade three-dimensional lace, three-dimensional lace to make up for this plane lace the drab, let the wedding dress it's very simple sense. 
6. Exaggerated tire into excellent punchline: one of the popular key to Victoria style of type restoring ancient ways is exaggerated headdress, design exaggerated tire a peculiar style wedding dress the nods eyeball pen of brilliant, one of the most popular diamond tiara is a flower and streamline modelling, the tire is big enough to cover the bride's more than half a head, and the matching earrings and the necklace also with great beauty.Not only that, but designers also moved out of the "master" level collection of tire.

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