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by china wholesale

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We focus on providing wholesale service to these small and medium-sized businesses. We not only provide cheap and fine Chinese merchandise, but also provide merchandise customizing, merchandise packaging, brand Packing and other international trade service.


China has the strongest light industry system. There are countless factories which are producing different quality level and price section produce. The Whooog provide cheap and fine produce and customize services by collaborating with the best factories in same area which are chosen by very strict standard. Whooog has a professional service team, which is composed of procurement team, international trade team, global logistics team, Brand Packing team, internet team and language translation team and so on.


1、Cheap and fine merchandise: the merchandise` price of our Whooog is lower than half of others

2、Merchandise modifying Service: You can change the appearance, material and other things you don`t like.

3、Brand Packing Service: You can print your LOGO on these merchandises, and we can packing and provide other mountings as you wish.

4、Custom madding Service: We product merchandise completely as you want. We can provide service from design to be listed, even if you have a little idea

5、Merchandise Distribution: We can centralize your merchandise in our warehouse, which you bought from different place in China, and repack it to sent to you. 

6、Consulting Service; You only need to afford your needs, and then we will find them according to your requirements. After that we would like to do variously professional audits and assessments to ensure it`s quality.


We invite these small businesses to join us, we have very professional production line to fit every merchandise and every service we provide. We restructure all of the international trade flow by internet technology, which means we have lower cost, shorter time and higher efficiency, meanwhile wo can ensure high level quality. 


All in all, we provide production, logistics plan, tax and Customs clearance service, and 100% no time limit changing or refunding strategy. The only things you need to do, is telling all your need and being relax to wait for it. The whole complex process is our work, it is fine to hand it to our professional team, As we say: you lie on the beach, you enjoy life.

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