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WordPress Hosting Services

WordPress Hosting Services

by Noizio


On this page, all hosting providers that we monitor and regularly test are presented in the form of a single table for visual comparison of various parameters. You can sort hosters by the parameter that is most important to you, and the table will be reorganized automatically. 

The rating of hosters includes the most important parameters that potential customers pay attention to: the period of validity of the free period, reliability and speed. In addition, the rating shows the price of service and user reviews. 

We provide an opportunity for all visitors to our site to choose a hosting provider based on real data that suits them in all respects. 

The final rating of a hosting provider is influenced by many factors. Among them - reliability, speed, customer reviews, the price of services, the presence or absence of a test period and others. Each factor gives the hoster a certain amount of points. We value reliability most of all, so this indicator carries the most points to the host, then speed goes, which also significantly affects the alignment of forces, and then there are less significant factors. Thus, at the head of the rating are the most reliable and at the same time fast hosting providers. And among the most reliable and fast win those who have better user reviews, lower prices and more free trial period. 

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