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by Wrens

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"Wrens, a leading painting, plastering, and tiling contractor in Dunedin and the South Island, has been around for over a century. Over a century ago, James Wren started a painting contracting firm in Dunedin. That humble beginning has developed into one of the South Island's largest and most reputable organizations in our sector.

Since the beginning, Wrens has strived for quality. Our high-quality results and excellent customer service have earned the trust and loyalty of Otago. We pride ourselves on being Otago's trusted name and steeped in its heritage.

Wrens has transformed many Dunedin, Central, and South Otago businesses and residences with color. Our talented artists have shown a vivid and energetic neighborhood with every brushstroke.

Our long-term success and resilience show we can weather time. Despite the Great Depression and two World Wars, we've grown stronger and more committed to our work.

Our essential principles of quality, honesty, and service remain unchanged as we enter our 125th year. We preserve the beauty and attractiveness of thousands of Dunedin homes and structures for future generations. You're employing a team with a rich history, a love for workmanship, and a vision for the future when you choose Wrens.

Wrens can help you realize any home, commercial, or historical project. Call us immediately for a free measure and quotation and let us continue servicing Otago for years to come. Thank you for previous and future project faith.

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