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by Mechanised

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We are an unparalleled, bespoke yoga service, specialising in providing “wellness through wisdom”.  We provide curated, luxury experiences for people who are (or will soon be) passionate about yoga. Yoga is not just an exercise form, it’s also a mindset and a re-set!

Whether for you alone or shared with your friends, family or colleagues, we design and deliver unique experiences allowing you to enjoy and learn from the rich benefits of yoga and meditation. As part of our service, we provide mats, blocks, incense, candles, teas and supplements to create an unrivalled experience.

Let us support your journey to wellbeing, through an unbeatable combination to treat and indulge your mind, body and soul through YOGABUDHI’S “Power of Three” - Yoga, Meditation & Nutrition.

Spreading positivity, love and wellbeing through the wisdoms of yoga...

With love, YOGABUDHI.

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