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Youth Chamber of Yaroslavl region

Youth Chamber of Yaroslavl region

by GuruLabs

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Development of the website of  Youth Chamber of Yaroslavl region


To create a website Youth Chamber of the Yaroslavl region. To reflect social activities of the Youth Chamber, show the most important aspects of the social activities of the organization, placing it correctly on the functional and technological website.

The algorithm is the following:

1. Market Research

Before stating the development of the website, there was made a market research. There was carefully developed a key concept of the website and analyzed the needs of the target audience of the site.

2. Create a website layout

The idea and concept of the website have been reflected in the design and layout of the website. The designer put together the most important and necessary elements of the site which originated with the laconic style of life. The created design emphasized the most important moments for the target audience of the project. Before proceeding to the next stage of website development, the  design concept has been agreed and approved.

3. Development, testing and launch of the site

Webpage designer and developers turned the website of the static layout into a functioning and coherent resource which became different for clients with its convenience. After being tested and finalized the website was delivered on time which was the final step of the resource development.

Result:Thanks to the teamwork of the layout designer, webpage designer, developer, project manager, there was created a truly social and socially useful website which will help to keep up with the public agenda in Yaroslavl city and Yaroslavl region. The website also encourages people with an active lifestyle not be on the sidelines and take part in the life of their region.

Technology: 7 PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.

Platform: 1C-Bitrix: Webite management

Team: 4 members (layout designer, webpage designer, developer, project manager).

Website address: https://ompyo.ru

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