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YY Circle

YY Circle

by YY Circle

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YY Circle is a job search platform ranked top 10 apps in Google Play store, that allows you to search for full-time or part-time jobs, to receiving & withdrawing salaries through your YY E-wallet, receive reward points through YY Rewards to be utilized across our network of partner merchants ranging from F&B, beauty & wellness, retail, leisure & service and many more. Enjoy exclusive discounts & promotions ViaYY Promotions to shop for the best deals in town.

Manpower outsourcing is our expertise. Finding the best employee suitable for your job requirements while managing their work schedule is a tedious process. We remove the logistical complexity of job placements off your business model with technology and businesses in Singapore. You can now search for the most suitable applicants across our massive database of talents through our automated AI staffing system for a job posting.

Businesses in Singapore can better manage their manpower resources where we are able to supply staffing for urgent jobs and monitor the performance of their employees via our platform in terms of attendance or reviews while also tapping on our payroll system where once the staff’s work is completed.


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