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Cannabical Recreational Cannabis React Template

Cannabical Recreational Cannabis React Template

by Slidesigma

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Cannabical Recreational Cannabis React Template

Cannabical is a Creative medical Cannabis React JS Template suitable for myriad marijuana related online businesses such as:

  1. medical cannabis growers
  2. Marijuana processors
  3. Marijuana dispensaries
  4. medical Marijuana clinics
  5. medical cannabis & Marijuana stores
  6. Marijuana coffee shops
  7. Marijuana pharmacies
  8. cannabis concentrate shops
  9. Cannabis dispensaries
  10. Marijuana laboratories

Cannabical wasn’t just designed to look modern and fancy, it was designed to display you cannabis products from plants, edibles, hemp, drugs, bongs to recreational cannabis products in the best way possible.

Pages Info

  • Homepage (/src/components/pages/Home)
  • Homepage v2 (/src/components/pages/Hometwo)
  • Homepage v3 (/src/components/pages/Homethree)
  • Services (/src/components/pages/Services)
  • Service Details (/src/components/pages/Servicedetails)
  • Why Choose Us (/src/components/pages/Whyus)
  • Contact Us (/src/components/pages/Contact)
  • About Us (/src/components/pages/About)
  • Team (/src/components/pages/Team)
  • Team Details (/src/components/pages/Teamdetails)
  • FAQ's (/src/components/pages/Faq)
  • Cart (/src/components/pages/Cart)
  • Shop (/src/components/pages/Shop)
  • Shop Details (/src/components/pages/Shopdetails)
  • Blog Standard (/src/components/pages/Blogstandard)
  • Blog Ggrid (/src/components/pages/Bloggrid)
  • Blog Details (/src/components/pages/Blogdetails)
  • Strain Grid (/src/components/pages/Straingrid)
  • Strain Masonry (/src/components/pages/Strainmasonry)
  • Strain Slider (/src/components/pages/Strainslider)
  • Strain Details (/src/components/pages/Straindetails)




  • Flat icons
  • Fontawesome

Fonts Used:

  • Oswald

Image Credit:

  • Fixabay
  • Unsplash
  • Freepik

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