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Malloid - Mall Listing Html Template

Malloid - Mall Listing Html Template

by Themeganj

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Malloid - Mall Listing Html Template , Malloid is listing html template which is suitable fall mall listing , shop listing , super store listing . If you are looking for listing template for store this would fulfill your expectation . Malloid has all shop related pages, responsive and it has valid coded . If you have any question please feel free to ask .

Malloid - Mall Listing Html Template Pages

404 page

about us page

blog grid page

blog left sidebar page

blog list page

blog right sidebar page

bog single page

coming soon page

compare listings page

contact us page

faq page

favicon page

gallery page

home v2 page

home v3 page

index page

legal page

listing details v1 page

listing details v2 page

listing details v3 page

listing grid page

listing list page

listing map page

login page

login v2 page

pricing page

register page

register v2 page

services page

shop archive page

shop details page

submit listing page

team archive page

team details page