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OVOO-Movie & Video Streaming CMS with Unlimited TV-Series

12 Sep 2018 Theme Of The Day

OVOO-Movie & Video Streaming CMS with Unlimited TV-Series

by Abdul Mannan


OVOO- Movie & Video Streaming CMS with Unlimited TV-Series

OVOO is a powerful, flexible and User friendly movie & Video Steaming CMS Pro with advance video contents management system. It’s easy to use & install. It has been created to provide a unique experience to movie lover & movie site owner. To observe of ISP needed we have made ovoo to use as multipurpose video cms. This application was built with advanced modules and many more powerful features for a complete video website management. Furthermore, it also supports CSS3, HTML5 and Bootstrap 3 Framework that help use refined any device with semantic accuracy and highly customizable PHP based (CodeIgniter) application.

OVOO V2.5 Released

Live TV Streaming is now trending features of OVOO.


For any help, please send email to services@spagreen.net

Front-End Login

Link: http://ovoo.spagreen.net/demo/v25

        Username: user
        Password: 123456

Admin Login

Link: http://ovoo.spagreen.net/demo/v25/admin

        Username: admin
         Password: 123456




User Experience

Software Architecture Features

Server Requirement


Source & Credit

Source & Credit are mentioned on documentation.

11 August 2018 V2.5.4

  • Video.js that is open source HTML5 & Flash video player, as well as YouTube and Vimeo (through plugins), used on over 200,000 websites
  • Skin with Tube Style
  • Retina Ready & Fully Responsive
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Support videojs-logo / videojs-watermark
    • live tv streaming.
    • Light dark version ui.
    • Subtitle Support.
    • Instant search with auto-complete.
    • tube skin for movie/tv player.
    • Movie scrapper Simple type movie name to get all information from online
    • Auto Import movie from TMDb easily..
    • Upload Video from your device to local server and share it.
    • VideoJS is world #1 video player .It’s can protect you website/content security..
    • Fetch Stars Easily fetch actor/director/writter image and info from tmdb.
    • Seasons & Episodes Create unlimited Seasons & Episodes for TV-series.
    • Blog Publish News & post by Build-in Blog System
    • Facebook login Single Click Google Login..
    • Google login Single Click Facebook Login..
    • Create & Manage custom page
    • Ad managemnet system
    • Google adsense supported
    • Multiple Video Source for single movie/episodes
    • Build-in newslatter HTML Newslatter for user/admin.
    • Admin control panel Powerfull Admin control panel is made easier to manage website
    • player watermark.
    • player share.
    • player volume remember.
    • player seek button.
    • player playback rate.
    • amazing ui
    • 5 header template.
    • 5 footer template.
    • lazy image loading.
    • hls/m3u8 support.
    • mp4 from url support.
    • mkv from url support.
    • webm from url support.
    • flv from url support.
    • m3u8 from url support.
    • movie/tv-series search on admin dashboard.
    • All embed video supported
    • HTML5 Video player
    • Star Rating
    • Social like,share(AddThis) Integreted
    • Facebook Comments Integreted
    • PHP Comments feature enable
    • Popular & Most View
    • Unlimited Movies & Category
    • Unlimited Blog Post & Category
    • Informative Dashboard
    • User Login,Registration
    • Genere wish movie Management
    • Country wish movie Mangement
    • Fully Ajax Based User Login System
    • Fully Ajax Based contact System
    • Ajax base subscription
    • 5 Color Theme(Front-End)
    • Movie Requiest features
    • Multi User Based System
    • Smart User Management System for Admin
    • Super Smart Theme Management System
    • Unlimited Theme Color for Dashboard
    • Smart User Profile
    • Easy User Profile Management
    • Informative Administrator Dashboard
    • Support keyboard shortcuts:
    • – Up/down arrow or mouse wheel -> control volume
      – Right/left arrow -> seek player by 5s
      – M -> toggle mute
      – F or double click -> toggle fullscreen
      – F or Esc -> exits full-screen mode
      – 0 -> restart video
      – 1-9 -> skip to a particular section of the video (e.g., 0 is 0%, 9 is 90% and 5 goes to the video midpoint)

    • Single click get movie information
    • Ajax Login
    • SweetAlert2 Notification
    • Instant Search Result
    • Easy Data Shorting System
    • Eye Catching Design.
    • Responsive Layout
    • Cloud Based Application
    • Cost Efficient Application
    • Secured Database
    • PHP Based CodeIgniter(MVC) Application
    • Full-rest API Based Architecture
    • Eye Catching Design.
    • Responsive Layout
    • Cloud Based Application
    • Cost Efficient Application
    • Secured Database
    • PHP Based CodeIgniter(MVC) Application
    • Full-rest API Based Architecture
    • PHP >= 5.6.4
    • Appace rewrite_module
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • PDO PHP Extension
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • CURL PHP Extension
    • Fileinfo PHP Extension
        Fix* important bugs.
        Fix* database crash issue for PHP7.
        Update* website security.
        Update* improved performance.
        Update* seo improvement

27 July 2018 V2.5.3

        Fix* minor bugs.
        Fix* social share issue.
        Update* episodes separate by seasons.
        Update* change server button position on watch page.
        Update* improved performance.
        Update* open graph tag added.
        Update* seo improvement.

22 June 2018 V2.5.2

        Fix* installation issue.
        Fix* star page bugs.

31 May 2018 V2.5.1

        Fix* movie scrapper issue.
        Fix* minor bugs.
        Fix* login page issue.

18 May 2018 V2.5

        New* live tv streaming.
        New* Light dark version ui.
        New* Subtitle.
        New* instant search with auto-complete.
        New* search engine with pagination.
        New* tube skin for movie/tv player.
        New* player watermark.
        New* player share.
        New* player volume remember.
        New* player seek button.
        New* player playback rate.
        New* amazing ui.
        New* 5 header template.
        New* 5 footer template.
        New* lazy image loading.
        New* hls/m3u8 support.
        New* mp4 from url support.
        New* mkv from url support.
        New* webm from url support.
        New* flv from url support.
        New* m3u8 from url support.
        New* movie/tv-series search on admin dashboard.
        Update* video player to videojs-6.
        Update* search engine improvement.
        Update* documentation.
        Fixed* major & minor bugs.
        Fixed* genre issue.
        Fixed* country issue.
        Fixed* search issue.
        Fixed* trailer on details section.

V2.4 Drop

V2.3 Drop

29 March 2018 – V2.2

Fixed* home-page url issue.
Fixed* download link issue.
Fixed* movie description issue.

27 February 2018 – V2.2

        Fixed* thumbnail image issue of front-end.
        Fixed* minor bugs.
        SEO Improvement.

15 February 2018 – V2.1

Fixed* movie pagination.
Fixed* thumbnail image fetching issue.

30 January 2018

Fixed* Login issue for PHP 5.x.
Fixed* Ads/banner position.

23 January 2018 – V2.0

New* upload video to local server.
New* tv-series  support with unlimited seasons & episodes.
New* intrigate videoJS player.
New* upload video supported format mp4/webm/flv/mkv.
New* video supported from youtube.
New* video supported from mp4 url.
New* video supported from google drive.
New* video supported from vimeo.
New* video supported from amazone s3.
New* video supported from all embed URL.
New* create dynamic sitemap.xml file for seo.
New* comments management for admin.
New* comments method switch to ovoo/facebook/disable for movie/tv-series.
New* comments method switch to ovoo/facebook/disable for post.
New* import movie from tmdb.
New* auto import tv-series from tmdb.
New* auto import actor/director/writer from tmdb.
New* user can add movie/tv-series to wish-list.
New* user can add movie/tv-series to favorite.
Updated* to codeigniter 3.1.7
Updated* poster/thumbnail save to local server.
Updated* multiple genre support.
Updated* multiple country support.
Updated* tv-series enable/disable.
Updated* tv-series to menu enable/disable.
Updated* blog enable/disable.
Updated* blog to menu enable/disable.
Updated* dynamic movie title.
Updated* front-end and back-end UI.
Updated* movie scrapper publish/trailler.
Removed* import movie from imdb.
Fixed* major & minor bug.
Fixed* installation issue.
Fixed* movie edit issue.
Fixed* movie title related issue. 

29 October 2017

New* Facebook & Google login
New* Video quality selection
New* Social share to post/news
New* Download enable/disable
Update* SEO improvement
Update* Social share(adthis)
Update* Documentation
Update* Watch page layout
Fix* Installation issue on php7
Fix* Pagination for movie section

11 September 2017

Fix* major & minor bug
Fix* google map on contact form
Fix* video edit option
Fix* copyright section
New* video source name
New* dynamic map address

1 September 2017

New* Multiple Home Slider(Image/Latest Movie). 
New* Unlimited video source(YouTube,daily motion,vimeo & more). 
New* Newsletter (Subscriber will get notification while new movies added). 
New* SEO Improvement
New* Movie by Year
New* Year on Navigation
Upade* Map on Contact Page
Fix* Installation Issue

24 June 2017 to 31 August 2017

Pause sale

15 June 2017

* initial realeased

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