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Add auto logo watermark & copyright logo on photo

24 Oct 2020 App Of The Day

Add auto logo watermark & copyright logo on photo

by Auto Add Logo Copyright with Text on Camera Photos

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  • Add auto logo watermark & copyright logo on photo
  • Add auto logo watermark & copyright logo on photo
  • Add auto logo watermark & copyright logo on photo
  • Add auto logo watermark & copyright logo on photo
  • Add auto logo watermark & copyright logo on photo
  • Add auto logo watermark & copyright logo on photo
  • Add auto logo watermark & copyright logo on photo
  • Add auto logo watermark & copyright logo on photo

Auto logo watermark photo app is a quick fix solution to add copyright logo on your photos captured using your phone’s built-in camera. It’s quite beneficial for auto stamping the logo of your brand automatically on clicked photos.

It facilitates you to watermark your images in two distinct ways:
◇ Image watermarking - Add logo to photo
◇ Combined watermarking- Add text on photo along with logo

Get the setup done at once and your desired watermark picture is ready to roll out!

😍 How to add watermark on photos?

1) Open this wonderful auto stamping app
2) Add / upload watermark logo
3) Add any text on photo (optional)
4) Adjust watermark transparency
5) Choose watermark logo size ( S - XXL)
And you are fit to go!

The best part is you can get custom signature text in dual variants i.e Line 1 and Line 2 at four different positions around your watermark logo.

Turn the toggle ON when you wish to add text, add it with the line spaces or in a single line. It is definitely going to make your image look enticing.

Taking your watermark images a level up, it even offers you to customize your signature watermark as in text logo with varieties of options like

➺ Adjustable font Size
➺ Changeable font Colors
➺ Varieties of font Style
➺ Flexible font Position

✌ With all the edits and customizations done, In case if you are not sure about how your watermark will look you can “Preview” your stamp before adding it for auto adding to pictures.

✨ Why Pick Us?
✔ Only photo stamper app to facilitate dual text alignment
✔ Quick and handy custom settings
✔ Auto processing after one-time setup
✔ Simple and elegant user-interface

✍ Watermark is a kind of image or text on a particular photograph which is used as a part of identification or security of a particular thing. It can be in various typic forms such as text, Insta logos, images etc which have distinct shades of lightness and darkness.

No matter which profession or field you belong to, watermarking your images is the most convenient way to authorize your pictures. As you can easily protect, secure as well as frame up photos elegantly by watermarking it. Add text on photo & logo on photo with this free watermark app.

👉 Why to watermark images?
We've gathered a tiny catalog of uses making up your work as simple as ABC!
Have a look:

➺ To copyright protect:
There are numerous ways to get your image copied to reuse and claim to be theirs. In this case, adding a copyright watermark text to your image will protect your image as well as showcase your identity among everyone.

➺ To enhance your brand:
Another major concern of watermarking photos is branding, photos are usually watermark stamped with the company name behind for the purpose of creating brand awareness among everyone. Add logo to image with an app to watermark photos.

➺ To protect image theft:
Anything which goes viral online can easily be stolen and used without your permission. Watermarking your photos in this situation to secure your images will be an indirect indication that this photo cannot be used.

➺ To grab the credits
Many times photographers just don’t demand financial recognition, but all they need is appreciation and credits for their work. Watermarking their images with their own logo with signature text can get the credits they wish.

✍ coming up to the conclusion, all the above features and uses are summed up to give you maximum perks in auto stamp photo watermark app.

So if you are looking for something near to an Auto logo & text on camera photo App to markup your photographs elegantly, there can’t be a better watermarking application than this auto logo app.

◇ Download it now to watermark your photos enticingly!

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