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Advance Weight Monitor

Advance Weight Monitor

by web design agency torino

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  • Advance Weight Monitor
  • Advance Weight Monitor
  • Advance Weight Monitor
  • Advance Weight Monitor

A top-rated weight tracking app developed to help motivate people to reach their desired target weight within a predetermined period of time following a diet and/or exercise program.

* Best App Ever under Health Category *

By entering your weight regularly, you will be able to monitor your progress through a series of statistics and graphs. As well as tracking your own progress, you may also enter and track profiles for family members, spouses, friends, colleagues, or simply create multiple profiles until you reach your ultimate goal.

According to your weight, height, body frame, gender, and age, this app will also suggest your ideal weight and the time required to reach it. Naturally, you can customize the suggested targets to fit your own goals.

Main Features:

✔️ Easily manage your weight loss progression
✔️ Check your current progression and change trends
✔️ Discover your current body mass index
✔️ Learn from your weight log how can you improve


1. Simply open the app and enter your height and weight.
2. You should weigh yourself regularly and enter this value in the app.
3. Learn how you are doing by observing your progress

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