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by Cps Test

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There are a lot of games in the market now a day, which require players to aim and shoot at a certain static and moving target. It requires a lot of dedication and focuses to play and perform in such games.


These games bring with them fun and excitement as well as stress for the users who cannot perform well. Getting killed again and again by your enemies gets you frustrated and even more, frustration is generated when you can’t even kill your enemies as revenge.

This aiming is performed by the “mouse” and it can be overcome by adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse from your settings. Sensitivity makes your mouse movement more quick and responsive within a certain period of time. And even if changing the sensitivity of a mouse does not help you, you can come online and play “AimBooster” games available for everyone in the market.

What is Mouse Sensitivity?
It is basically a time period in which the mouse needs to move its cursor to the shooter. If your sensitivity is low, then your mouse will be less responsive and need much time to go to the shooter. The high sensitivity mouse makes large angles of cameras with a high speed of aiming.

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