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Astonly: Hooked on the Story

Astonly: Hooked on the Story

by Astonly: Hooked on the Story

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  • Astonly: Hooked on the Story
  • Astonly: Hooked on the Story
  • Astonly: Hooked on the Story
  • Astonly: Hooked on the Story
  • Astonly: Hooked on the Story

ASTONLY offers you a small bite-sized chat stories to fit any mood. It will get you hooked on a feeling easily - Experience the story in a different way! With addictive chat stories of all kinds, you just lay back and enjoy in the chat fiction!

It is easy to get hooked on a story - Scary text messages, yarn, mystery, horror, love chat stories... Read real chat stories with amazing plots, unexpected twists and story telling techniques. It`s a text story time!

What is actually chat fiction? Well, it is a digital conversation through text messages between two (or more) characters. It is a unique way of story telling. Get hooked on a feeling - Enjoy in addictive chat stories!

Feeling bored? Need some excitement? Read our text message stories and it will bring you the joy of excitement and awaken various feelings, because we have stories to fit any mood, and for all tastes! A realistic chat interface will get you engaged with our stories.

What kind of real chat stories you can find in our app?

- Scary text messages - You love that feeling of being scared while reading chat story? Check out our scary stories and we are sure that you will get hooked on a feeling you love!

- Love chat stories - For all romantic souls and love story readers - Enjoy in a feeling of virtual romance.

- Yarn, mystery and horror stories - We have prepared stories for any mood and taste!

- Add your own story - This feature is coming soon!

- Above all - Real and addictive chat stories!

This is not just one more app about reading. Each text story has an interesting and unexpected plot, which will make you want to read more and more!

Some horror on the bus trip? Or during camping? Love romance as a bedtime story? ASTONLY have it all covered! Reading cannot get boring, definitely not with us!

This app is easy to navigate. You just have to tap to unfold the mystery and the continuation of the story.

Scary or love story? What will you choose?

Download ASTONLY and get your daily dose of entertaining and real chat stories. Get hooked on a feeling, enjoy in chat fiction - It`s a text story time! Dive into a world of mystery, thriller, romance, and horror. Start reading ASTONISHING chat stories for free!


More about us:

E-mail: support@astonly.app

Website: www.astonly.app


Instagram: www.instagram.com/astonly.app

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