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Auto Clicker: Automatic Tapper

24 Sep 2023 App Of The Day

Auto Clicker: Automatic Tapper

by Vasu infotech

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  • Auto Clicker: Automatic Tapper
  • Auto Clicker: Automatic Tapper
  • Auto Clicker: Automatic Tapper

Are you tired of touching your phone screen in a tedious, repetitive manner? Are you trying to automate your tapping duties quickly and effectively? Use theAuto Clicker: Automatic Tapper app instead!

Auto Clicker: Automatic Tapper, Easy & QuickTouch is the best Auto Clicking app for users. This App is specially designed for the gaming purposes of users as per their requirements. With the help of this app if users have to work with constant delay & spontaneous daily routines life. In this app, there is a tool named auto clicker Automatic tap that contains clicks, curve swipes, pinch gestures, etc. The floating control panel will connect any click-point to the screen.

The app is simple to set up and use because of its user-friendly layout. Merely choose the desired spot on your screen, choose the time and pace of tapping, and then leave the rest to the users. Also, you may select whether to tap constantly or with a predetermined amount of taps, as well as the distance between taps. Anybody who must execute repetitive tapping duties, such as gamers who must click quickly to finish tasks or anyone who must click through a protracted paper or webpage, can benefit greatly from using Auto Clicker: Automatic Tapper.

Features of Auto Clicker: Automatic Tapper.
· User-friendly interface, easy to use
· Users can control the floating panel
· You can easily add and resume multiple click points or swipes
· Save, import, and export automated scripts as you wish
· Supports multi-point, synchronous click, and long press modes
· They can save as well as load the script for this application
· Click on test to test your click speed
· Easily save and load any configuration you set up
· Set click parameters separately, such as touch duration and number of repetitions.

Auto Clicker app is the Automatic Tapping Auto Clicker, Tapper, Easy & QuickTouch - Automatic Clicker is a simple & meaningful application that can make users' workflow easier. With the help of this application if users have to work with constant delay & spontaneous daily routines life. Firstly users have to enable the assistant button(on/off) to perform modules are clicks, curve swipes, & pinch gestures. Before performing all these actions, users have to click on the start service to run this auto-tapping appPersonalization Users can create a tap-click script through tap settings like delay time(ms), the number of repetitions(times), duration(ms), & anti - detection(on/off), etc. While using the tapper module users can set a Tap duration between 10 - 60000 ms through application settings with Click Assistant - Auto Clicker.

Auto Clicker: Automatic Tapper will click or swipe anywhere on your screen at any interval you choose and does not require root and works on full-screen apps. If you ever need to keep a game active, tap the same button over and over, or tap anywhere as quickly as possible. Auto Clicker can be used with different modes like auto-tap, single-target, or multi-target mode and you can also set the number or time of clicks. The app can help you with tasks that require repeated clicks or swipes on your phone's screen and is suitable for users who use an automatic clicker tool for reading newspapers, surfing the web, and playing games.

Why do we use AccessibilityService API
1. android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: We use Accessibility Services to implement key features, such as emulating auto clicks and wipes on your screen.
Note: We do not collect any private info through AccessibilityService API.

So, download this simple & amazing Auto Clicker: Automatic Tapper, Easy & QuickTouch android app & perform actions like clicks, curve swipes, & pinch gestures.

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