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Auto Info Call

09 Sep 2016 App Of The Day

Auto Info Call

by Magdelphi

  • Auto Info Call
  • Auto Info Call
  • Auto Info Call
  • Auto Info Call

Call informations and show on car tablet. Driving requires full attention and keeping your hands on the wheel. However, there are inevitable times when you receive incoming calls and messages. Make it easier to manage these tasks by keeping this tool on hand. It will serve as your personal assistant and will notify you of callers and their details. When active, a pop up box will appear on your home screen with all the information of the sender and caller. An audible speaker will speak out the name, country code, and even operator. Aside from that, there is a blocker as well for those who you do not want to get in touch with. Select any device you want to connect with, and adjust the settings to your comfort.

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