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Way App

18 Jul 2022 App Of The Day

Way App

by Blaze PR

  • Way App
  • Way App
  • Way App
  • Way App
  • Way App

Way.com's #1 Car Super App!

Way.com is a car super app that simplifies owernship and becomes an all-in-one resource for all drivers. 

Way.com has its Way App that: 


1.) Quotes car insurance rates in 30 seconds 

2.) Reserves the best hourly, airport and monthly parking

3.) Refinances auto loans and saves up to $1850 a year


The Way App also has a brand-new, EV charging feature that filters national EV charging stations for:


1.) Distance

2.) Charging Power

3.) Access

4.) Price Options

5.) Operating Hours


For more about Way.com or its Way App, visit us at: https://www.way.com/

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