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Battery Saver

30 May 2017 App Of The Day

Battery Saver

by Dlux Mobile

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Our Fast Battery saver optimize your power consumption conveniently. Battery fast charger Display charge status in real time & estimating remaining charge time.
Battery charger booster & Battery Saver is the easiest way to keep your Android Tablet phone working well when you need it & protect against slow charging.
Task Killer:

You can select the applications & kill them with just 1 tap. 
Auto Kill: Kill the applications automatically. Keep your Tablet/phone in good condition all the time with our fast charging app.
Memory status: Show usage of your memory & also show the usage of every running Applications so that you know which app consumes the most memory.
Battery charger fast, battery saver Key Features:
There are 3 modes in mobile battery saver application
Saving Mode: Only active Sms And phone suggest to be used in low battery status.
Sleep Mode: you can used during sleep which will turn off network sms and phone, turn on alarm clock
Customized Mode: You can customize frequently used modes.
- Accurately show battery time and status. 
- Battery consumption optimization with 1 tap.
- Easy battery saving
- Enjoy the incredible power fast charging and never worry about your phone battery again!
How to use fast charging Battery specialist 
- Run the app & turn on the fast charge mode.
- It will automatically boost charging speed when you connect the charger.
- Faster Charging Up to 20-30% faster than other fast charging.
- Fast Battery Charging Features
- User-friendly UI.
- Shows capacity of the battery in the application.
- Automatically activate fast charging mode.
- Automatically turn off 3G, Wifi.
- Automatically turn off Bluetooth
- Fast charging is free app. 
-Thanks for use our fast charging battery Saver specialist app.

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