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Brain Game App

10 Nov 2021 App Of The Day

Brain Game App

by Systweak Software

  • Brain Game App
  • Brain Game App
  • Brain Game App

While it’s certainly tough to train your body, so why not make your mind the sharpest tool in the shed. Brain Game App is a fun, yet challenging game app that will help improve memory and give your brain a good workout.

With this Brain Game app installed on your Android device, you can play -

1. Schulte Table - helps train the brain for attention, peripheral vision, visual perception, resulting in speed reading.
2. Sorted Sequence - sort sequence in ascending order by tapping the shape in question.
3. Fill Shape - wait for the shape to appear and fill the outline in a single tap.
4. Find Copy - identify duplicates from the given icon.
5. Follow Direction - tap the similar icon in the question.
6. Find Missing - memorize numbers, shapes and color to find the missing.
7. Remind Digits - remember the digits within 5 seconds and re-enter them to score.
8. Rotate Shape - select the shape that would appear when the shape is rotated as asked in the question.
9. Follow Color - Irrespective of the color the text reads, you need to tap the color in which the text appears.
10. Follow Text - Tap the correct color in which the written text appears.
11. Second Largest - find the second largest number from the series you appear on the screen.
12. Divisible By - Challenge your mathematical skills.
13. What’s My Share - Split the bill to find your share

Each game will sharpen players' minds and will help them learn how to memorize color, shape, number, follow text, colors, play Schulte table, sort sequence, and more. While having fun and challenging themselves at every level, players can take a skill test. Also, they will be able to test their reflexes.

Brain Game app is a fun and addictive game that you will enjoy to the fullest while making your mind sharp.

App Highlights

Improve your calculative skills
Learn to concentrate better
Enhance your deduction speed
Learn color coordination
Improve recollection ability
Train your brain and mental reflexes
Get Analytics to check your performance

Each game you play tests your skills and abilities. After each level, you can check the Score, Time, and Status by tapping the Analytics tab. Also, to keep track of each player, you can create separate profiles. So, are you ready to challenge yourself and see how good you are with things and which areas you need to improve?

The app is suitable for anyone of any age or ability, and each level will challenge your strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, it will help with concentration, mindfulness, and reasoning skills.

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