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Brainingcamp is an all-in-one place for teaching math with digital manipulatives. We help educators make math more engaging through visual and hands-on learning. Our 16 colorful, virtual manipulatives help students visualize abstract concepts for meaningful understanding.  

Brainingcamp is packed with special features like ten-frames, number lines, and memorable animations. And our LIVE feature connects teachers and students in real-time, allowing teachers to watch their students as they work through the assigned task.  

Brainingcamp supplements every curriculum and is always 100% ad-free. In addition, it works on any device, and setup only takes a few minutes—without needing any special software installed.  

Licenses include our quick-start tutorials, professional development webinars, 250+ ready-made Tasks, and the LIVE feature that allows teachers to share screens as they work. We support Clever and ClassLink SSOs, and we have options for working with other platforms. Students log in to Brainingcamp using schoolwide or classwide generic shared logins to protect their privacy. 

Try Brainingcamp free! Visit www.brainingcamp.com today. 

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