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Caller name Announcer - Caller ID

Caller name Announcer - Caller ID

by Mehran Nadeem

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  • Caller name Announcer - Caller ID
  • Caller name Announcer - Caller ID
  • Caller name Announcer - Caller ID

Caller name announcer - Caller ID speaks out the incoming caller ID or Caller name speaker that helps you to identify the call even without taking a look at mobile. It also helps you to listen to SMS with SMS announcer feature and you will never miss any message. Our Caller name announcer app or caller name talker also identify unknown telephone number so you can know that an unknown person is calling you even if the number is not installed in your contact list.

When you are working, driving, or doing something important and you don’t have the time to look at your mobile there Caller name announcer or caller name talker is the best solution, Its vital. Identify who’s calling and showcaller number ID or name by announcing. When you are busy and your phone on hands free mode this app will tell you caller ID. The best thing about this app caller name announcer Pro? It's completely free to download and use on any version of android.

Caller name announcer or caller name talker will read out incoming caller ID or name for you. Not only just that, but this app also reads and tells who is texting you. Now there is no need to search your mobile while driving or when you are away from your mobile because SMS announcer can read the full message for You. You can also turn this feature because sometimes we have privacy issues.

Sometimes it's so annoying to get spam calls or telemarketer calls while you are doing important work and you don’t want to be disturbed. How do you find out who’s calling or who’s texting. How do you know who called me or whose call is important or whose text you need to read with the help of this app you can easily decide that. Just like a true caller app it tells you the user name and ID with the help of caller name speaker.

Are you looking to find the best SMS talker or Call name announcer app for smartphones?

You are in the right place because this app also announces the SMS sender name and also the SMS if you want to. You can also turn this feature off/on of SMS reader because some SMS is private and you don't want to share your private chat with others. You can also change the language of this app to another. If you don't want to use the default English language then you can change the language of this caller name speaker. Just like the Whoscall app, this app tells the user. who is calling from which location side find caller location?

Top Features Of call name announcer or caller name talker and SMS talker application.

1: This call name announcer app tells the caller name or caller ID.

2: This App announces who is texting you or whose SMS.

3: This application help user to pick the important calls.

4: Tell unknown number and caller id which are not in your contacts list.

5: Easily turn on or of call name announcer feature whenever you want

6: This app is a True caller style app.

7: Automatically identify every unknown SMS

8: The world’s best Caller ID ShowCaller ID app will identify anyone calling you


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