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Christmas Day red

11 Dec 2016 App Of The Day

Christmas Day red


  • Christmas Day red
  • Christmas Day red
  • Christmas Day red
  • Christmas Day red
  • Christmas Day red

— 2 × Awarded “App Of The Day” winner by Design Nominees for “outstanding app design and development” and “excellence and experience in the world of creativity, design and usability”.¹ —

Christmas Day is simply the most beautiful holiday card and countdown for iPhone and iPod touch. Enjoy numbering all the days towards the 25th of December as warm nostalgic music box tones play merrily along to a delightful and unique minute long animation sequence. From today forward, each and every day becomes a magical Christmas Day.


– Daily countdown to Christmas updated every year.

– Send elegant mini cards with the choice of twelve beautiful ornamental glyphs.

– Specially designed animation sequence that includes harmonious procedurally generated patterns of red, green, gold, silver, blue, white, black, platinum and titanium.

– Cheerful sounds of soft sweeping strings, choir vocals, bass, flute trills, bar chimes and sleigh bells with timely melody notes of celesta, picked acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and classical piano.

– VoiceOver audio descriptions.²

– Tap tree to share the festive spirit in a message, social media post or to your photos.

– Touch and hold tree to replay Christmas Day.

– Swipe tree vertical to glyph, swipe tree horizontal to twirl.

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1. “App Of The Day” winner by Design Nominees for Christmas Day red, 11/12/2016 and Christmas Day monochrome, 25/12/2016.
2. VoiceOver audio descriptions available on accessibility enabled devices.

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