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HUNT: Social Review Platform

HUNT: Social Review Platform

by Tech Curve Ai Innovation

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  • HUNT: Social Review Platform
  • HUNT: Social Review Platform


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 Share your experience with the world


HUNT app is a social review platform. With 1 million+ experiences shared, you can discover new places to visit you never knew existed before. No more guesswork. No more disappointments and no more wasting money on bad experiences.


Discover new things:

- Explore new places and unforgettable moments from the shared experiences of others in a personalized fun and engaging way like never before.

- Find great places near you that you never knew existed through the lens of genuine people and not photoshopped pictures from businesses.

- Stay up to date with the newest places and experiences in any city. [*Currently limited to California]

- Follow your friend or celebrity and see their lifestyle.




- Search any city

- Search for any food you crave based on cuisine, price, and rating.

- We curate you the best food at affordable prices.




- Share your unique experience through videos, pictures, and stories for others to make the right decision.

- Hunt down new unique experiences and share them with others

- Add new places you have found 1st

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