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Clean Master

Clean Master

by Dlux Mobile

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If you’re tired of watching how your tablet or smartphone gets slower every day, and you don’t know anything about clean master, this is the perfect app that brings a fast solution to your slow phone.

Are you frustrated with android phone goes slow? Or it’s not working faster after using it with more application?Remove leftover files and unused apps with a simple tap, for a faster, more powerful phone. Cleanup optimizes your phone's performance and boosts its speed by removing unused junk from your mobile. 
RAM Cleaner is a Memory Optimizer; it's a smart memory management application that will keep your phone running better, faster, and longer. RAM Booster allows you to instantly free up memory when your phone slows down.

Phone cleaner , Ram optimizer , Game booster , Ram cleaner (Cleaner Mobile Master) is the best and fastest phone cleaner for android, ram booster, game booster, speed booster and junk cleaner, cache cleaner,super booster turbo cleaner ,memory booster, battery saver , appcleaner , app manager for your Android phones or tablet. speed up phone the best tool to optimize RAM performance, accelerate RAM.

Ram Booster cleans up drainage drainage applications to make your phone work faster. Does your Android device start to feel sluggish? Then some power slug bugs back with Rocket Ram Booster! Always keep the system clean.

Cleaner has some powerful functions. Like speed booster、ram cleaner、junk cleaner、cache cleaner,game booster,speed booster, phone cleaner, ram booster ,turbo cleaner,memory booster, battery saver , app manager , Ram optimizer , Ram cleaner , Phone cleaner , appcleaner .

Ram Booster is an application that every Android device should have installed. The Rocket Ram Booster goes through the phone and cleans the system memory, improves phone or tablet performance, and improves battery life. And the best part is, it's completely free!

Clean (Cleaner Mobile Master) the best smart free cleaner master. Give your phone all-side speed boost. the fastest phone cleaner, ram booster, game booster, speed booster and junk cleaner,cache cleaner, turbo cleaner,memory booster, battery saver , app manager. Free Optimizer .There are other memory management applications out there, but usually most users simply add layers of complication to a process that you do not need. Not a power user, just want a faucet solution to speed up the phone. Rocket Ram Booster is exactly that. Just fire up the app and touch the Boost. Let the software do the rest.

The Clean RAM Memory is tool to clear Your RAM Memory and Boost your device and free more RAM space to perform other application well.

The features offered by Boost Master are:

1. Ram Booster: Boost your ram with one tap, this feature kills all the background apps and services which are making your phone slow, so you get a clean RAM just like a fresh restarted phone.
2. Junk Cleaner: Clean the mess created by app cache and save space.
3. App manager: Uninstall unused and heavy apps. In this option, the apps are listed along with their sizes, You select the unnecessary apps and install them in Bulk.

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