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Deeds 4 Kids

Deeds 4 Kids

by cerdonis technologies llc

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>Deed4Kids is one of the projects that Cerdonis Technologies LLC has developed and delivered successfully. Today 5000+ parents using this platform to monitor all the activities a kid had did throughout the day and it helps parents in the upbringing of children.

When parents are not able to give enough time to a child in the initial years of upbringing they may lead to poor quality of the future. So the object behind developing Deed 4 Kids is to provide a platform where parents can have an eye on their kids throughout the day while balancing their professional life as well.

We early mentioned more than 5000 parents are using Deed 4 Kids Mobile App, 8000+ Kids are being monitored, Deed 4 Kids have 4000+ Task & 1500+ Rewards are created.

strong>Add Child

To monitor all the activity of child you just need to add child

strong>Assign Task

After adding child parents need to assign a task to children for the day


After assigning a task to children parents can add points to each task once the child completes the task it will be automatically added.


Deed 4 Kids have predefined rewards so parents can reward their child by using points.

strong>Premium Version

Parents can create custom task and Rewards with a premium version of the application


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