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DishPal - Restaurant Finder App

DishPal - Restaurant Finder App

by Dishpal - Food Delivery & Restaurants

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  • DishPal - Restaurant Finder App
  • DishPal - Restaurant Finder App
  • DishPal - Restaurant Finder App
  • DishPal - Restaurant Finder App

DishPal is an online and app-based, food-ordering and delivery system. It works with any restaurant that signs up to offer orders through it. Drivers get paid to pick up and drop off food, if a customer needs it. Or, the app can be used to pre-order take-out before arriving at a restaurant, to save time.

After signing up, customers can order food from their favourite restaurants in 3 easy steps:

Find a nearby participating restaurant using the built-in geolocator.

Select dishes to order from a restaurant online menu (in the app).

Choose to pick up the food, or get it delivered before checking out with a credit card payment.

The app also offers incentives like promo codes, contests and coupons.

Drivers who freelance for DishPal deliveries can only take one order at a time, to ensure food arrives fast and fresh. Customers can tip their drivers through the app, or with cash at the door.

All information is secure, and encrypted. Customers log in with a one-time-password (OTP), using an SMS code sent to their mobile number for verification. Payment details are stored through Stripe payment systems, and never on DishPal’s servers.

To work as a driver (a “Pal”), start the application process here. Or contact: pal@dishpal.com (note: drivers who meet quotas get benefits too!)

Restaurants can reach more customers by being listed on DishPal! Sign up here. Or, contact: restaurant@dishpal.com

For customer support: 1-855-966-DISH (3474), support@dishpal.com

For press or other inquiries: info@dishpal.com

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