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Doktors App

Doktors App

by Doktors App

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Doktors is a leading online doctor consultation app that offers comprehensive telemedicine solutions for your health issues while adhering to your budget. When you choose the app, you can:
* Access Video Consultations with Doctors
* Go through Healthcare Blogs and Articles
* Ask doctor online

Online Doctor Appointment .

Looking for the right doctor that can guide you from the comfort of your home? If so, your search ends here! Simply download the app and book an appointment online with any doctor around your locality. You can choose from thousands of doctors 24*7 and specialists in the top 50,000+ clinics and hospitals across India. This is the medical platform for doctors.

Clinic Appointment System

Doktors’ Clinic Management Software (CMS) gives you a user interface in all languages, easy to use by a one-click switch between languages, ideal for managing Hospital Chains all around the world.
Our comprehensive clinic management system is equipped with integrated modules such as Pharmacy, Appointment, Billing, Laboratory, OPD, IPD, Inventory, Radiology, etc. modules. With friendly user interfaces, it gives doctors, staff, and patients complete access from their smartphone, tablet, or PC, offering optimum control of their schedule.

Video Consultation Service

Doktors’ video consultation service allows patients to speak or make a video call with our specialists over the computer, smartphone, or tablet at the comfort of your home.
We have state-of-the-art healthcare delivery systems, which enable seamless online consultation and e-prescription that can be printed. Our dexterous crew of professionals is available around the clock to assist you with any healthcare-related requirements.
With our video consultation feature, patients can simply book an appointment online and get a video consultation from home. This would ultimately help both doctors and patients to avoid the risk of stepping out during the COVID-19 crises.

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