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31 Jan 2022 App Of The Day


by Rebel foods

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Food delivery from multiple restaurants in the same order

Eatsure is a cutting-edge food tech and delivery platform. It doesn’t sugarcoat the facts or add artificial flavours. We tell you exactly what it is you’re eating, whether you order pizza or order biryani, how it’s made, and how it is delivered to you. Everything is above board and on the table whenever you order food.

You can see for yourself – from the ingredients used to live temperatures of the people who make it. Our 200+ quality checks are further backed by best-in-class hygiene practices.

Your Faasos food delivery app is now evolved to EatSure. With this, your favourite food will now come with EatSurance in every bite. Backed by tech, taste and transparency, your food delivery will be a never-before experience.

Do we tell you what to eat? No, we bring you a set of handpicked restaurants with free delivery, that puts the control back in your hands whenever you order food.

✅No Artificial Colours or Flavours
Whenever you order biryani online, it’s about the succulent chicken pieces and the flavourful rice that makes it awesome! We keep it just like that by ensuring 100% flavours, 0% flavourings.

✅Live Temperature Tracking and Medical Certificates
When you order food on EatSure app, you can also check the live temperature and medical certificates of all staff members on the app itself.

✅Double Sealed Packaging
Your food is double-sealed and triple checked with a single minded focus on safety! Whether you order biryani online or relish other favourites, we ensure that packaging is never a worry!

All the delivery executives across our sure choice of restaurants strictly adhere to wearing safety gears like mask and gloves at all times when you order pizza, using hand-sanitizers before and after delivering each order.

✅SurePoints on every order
Relish good food that is rewarding! For every ₹1 you spend on your order, you earn an equivalent amount in SurePoints. It’s just our way of appreciating the trust you put in us.
Get assured SurePoints on sign-ups, profile updates and more on our food ordering app.
Whether you order biryani or order pizza or anything else on the EatSure app, you win SurePoints worth your order value ✌️

✅ 200+ Stringent Quality Checks
Hand-wash every 20 mins
Disposable masks, hair-nets & gloves
Sanitisation of all surfaces, every 4 hours
Use of hand-sanitisers by delivery executives
3-step sanitisation for vegetables
Timely disposal of ingredients

✅Contactless Delivery
We ensure delivery time and food safety practices that adhere to social distancing.
You can choose these food delivery options - at your doorstep, society gate, or drop it with the security guard if you pay online and avoid cash on delivery.

✅Order from multiple restaurants in the same order
You’re in the mood to order pizza but your friend wants to order biryani online? You can order food from multiple restaurants with EatSure. No need for separate orders, save time ordering, and more time relishing your meals!

Order Food From EatSure 🍎

You can EatSure from Behrouz Biryani, Mandarin Oak, Faasos, Firangi Bake, Oven Story Pizza, The Lunch Box, Slay Coffee, Sweet Truth, and more with Free Food Delivery.
Order Biryani From EatSure 🍚
Relish the feast prepared by the Khansamas, which brings to you biryani that’s safe, hygienic, and royal! Order biryani without any artificial colors or flavours on EatSure app.
Order Pizza from EatSure 🍕
Whether it’s for your gang of friends for a get-together or picking from a range of semizzas for a solo party, you can relish the safest pizzas in town when you order pizza from Ovenstory Pizza on Eatsure app.

📍 Where can you EatSure?
Order food from EatSure near you in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and NCR, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, and many major cities.
Download the EatSure food app now.


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