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Flashing Call

Flashing Call

by Александр Таран

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Flashing Call is a free application that notifies you of messages and incoming calls. 
This app is user friendly and really easy to use.
When you receive a call or sms your device back side flash will blink. 
Very useful tool when you are in dark, silent or loud environment.

- Flash on incoming calls
- Flash on sms
- Turn On or Off all of the blink with a single tap for incoming calls or sms
- Support for all devices starting with Android 4.3
- Work in any sound mode of your device
- No camera permission needed on devices with Android version more than 6.0
- Works when screen is turned off or locked
- Easy setup
- Low battery comsuming

This Flashing Call is very useful application especially when:
- Helps those who are hearing impaired
- When you are in places where ringing noise interferes with others: hospital, classroom, conference, meetings, silent zones, theatres, baby sleeping etc...
- When you are in a noisy location and can't hear phone ring: parties
- Find your phone in dark

With this app you will never miss an important call or message! Try it for free!

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