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02 May 2020 App Of The Day


by Claude Gherasim

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Improve your studies with Flashcards, easily create cards and use different practice modes to memorize them. Works fully offline, download for free now!

- STUDY FLASHCARDS. Easily create and manage your cards, with only two clicks, you can add a new card to your set.
- TEST MODE. Use different review modes to keep you engaged while studying, which include a writing review, memory games, and an audio player to listen to your cards in the background.
- WORKS OFFLINE. You can enjoy the app even if you don't have internet connection, it is only required if you want to sync your data across multiple devices.
- ADVANCED DECK MANAGMENT. Be able to move cards between decks, merge decks, have your created data synced across multiple devices.
- MEMORY GAMES. Try out the memory games for studying in a more engaged and fun way, and they will keep you hooked up for a long time.
- REVIEW CARDS. Know when you have cards needing review and review only what you need to memorize.
- SPACED REPETITION. You can enable the spaced repetition ('smart review') option to have your cards shown by the last time you have reviewed them. Needed to review cards will be displayed first, with the frequency gradually being increased.
- SETS. Create different sets for any subject, and there is an unlimited number of cards that you can add to each set.
- PREPARE FOR EXAMS. Studying hasn't been easier when using this app; the memory games are fun and to the point.
- IMPORT EXISTING CARDS. If you already have a set, you can easily import it into the app and have your deck within the app; there is no limit for the number of cards you can have!
- VOCABULARY BUILDER. Improve your vocabulary, build it up by learning a few words each day using this app.

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