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28 Oct 2023 App Of The Day


by Fleek

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Looking to discover the best subscriptions to buy? Or renew an existing subscription for lower prices? Overwhelmed about managing your subscriptions and due dates? Fleek is the perfect solution!

Fleek is India’s first unique marketplace and subscription tracker, where you can discover and buy subscriptions with great discounts in one single app. Get access to the best prices, track existing subscriptions, make payments, cancel unwanted plans, and more.

We’ve got more in store for you! Check out this list of Fleek’s features:
Discover & Buy Subscriptions, at the Best prices 🛒
Find and buy popular OTT subscriptions such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, and other digital and D2C subscriptions at great discounts! With Fleek, you can buy subscriptions from 100+ brands offering 1000s of products, at exclusive prices & discounts, curated just for you.

You also win FleekCoins for every activity, which can be redeemed to buy or renew subscriptions! Plus cashback as part of our reward program!

Exclusive Bundles🎁
Get access to the best of movies, shows, sports and documentaries with our top OTT subscriptions, all in one bundle. At even lower prices. So you save more on every binge!

Auto-Pay for Subscriptions With Fleek 🔁
One-stop marketplace for a reason! You can easily auto-renew your subscriptions for your favorite OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and other brands with the use of our auto-pay feature.

Free Trials!! (Need we say more?)🆓
Benefit from free trials for up to 30 days on fitness, social, OTT, and other plans so you can explore the various benefits that Fleek's marketplace has to offer!

Get Rewarded for Renewing On Time 💰
Life is busy. The last thing you need to worry about is your next due date. Or missing your favorite TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, or others because you forgot to renew your OTT app subscription!

Fleek sends you a reminder before your renewal date to renew your subscriptions on time. You get special discounts and cashback on every renewal. Plus, you always stay in control of all your memberships and plans with a subscription tracker.

Split Subscription Expenses with Your Friends 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏼
Splitting payments with friends or co-workers is not an awkward situation anymore!
With Fleek, there’s no need to keep track of this. By using UPI and various other payment options you can split subscription payments.

Discover Your Friends’ Subscriptions 👀
Fleek can help you find new and exciting subscriptions. How? By letting you take a look at the plans your friends have subscribed to.

Manage All of Your Subscriptions and Recurring Expenses In One Place 😎
Upgrade to hassle-free management for subscriptions on brands, and memberships! By detecting different due dates and payment methods, we make sure you don’t overlook one of your plans.

Quick Cancel with Just a Toggle
With Fleek, cancellations are as easy as renewing them! One-click toggle to cancel subscriptions that you don’t use anymore!

We’re always making it better for you! More features coming your way:

Improved Subscription Detection ☑️
You won’t need to enter subscriptions manually with our new and improved subscription detection system, which will be able to gather subscription details from your email and SMS.

Fleek Spaces 🔍🛋️
Watch out for this one! *Imagine this* Your friends are talking about this new movie/show they’ve seen, and you’re trying to juggle all the OTT apps to see where it’s streaming. Sounds familiar? Well, worry no more. Stay tuned! 🤐

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