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Forex Hero – trading game for beginners

06 Dec 2017 App Of The Day

Forex Hero – trading game for beginners

by Ugis Leimanis

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  • Forex Hero – trading game for beginners
  • Forex Hero – trading game for beginners
  • Forex Hero – trading game for beginners
  • Forex Hero – trading game for beginners
  • Forex Hero – trading game for beginners

Yes! You can learn forex trading basics and secrets in 3 days. For Free. Forex Hero will teach you how to predict forex price movements just by scanning the news sites.

◆ From the authors of the #1 Slideshare Forex trading eBook*
◆ Scientifically proven learning methods
◆ Insider secrets & trading strategies revealed

We value the time of our users and we hate boring and ineffective stuff. We have gone through hundreds of forex books, articles and currency trading webinars, so you don’t have to spend a minute on things that are not effective. Forex Hero contains the distilled tools, pro tips, and insider strategies you won’t find anywhere else.

What makes this application different is its relentless focus on actionable details - especially in the interactive case studies of the Trend Predictor, which is the favorite section of more than 103,000 users and counting.

Most forex and stock trading learning materials simply present dry theoretical facts like “currency prices are influenced by interest rates, consumer confidence, current account on balance of payments and economic growth.” Does this information seem valuable and actionable to you? Or would you rather learn specific correlations that have been used and proven by traders? A few examples:

▶ When the price of gold rises, so does AUD against USD.
▶ If the oil prices go down, so does CAD against JPY.
▶ If the weather forecast predicts high temperatures in Russia, then the wheat price goes up.

Here are some of the captivating features of Forex Hero:

◆ Interactive eBook with forex basics and secrets. Master the basics and learn the secrets in the Forex School section. With 12 illustrated chapters and several in-depth subjects, you will quickly learn the principles of trading. Easy-to-understand and well-suited for forex beginners and newbies.

◆ Fun knowledge Quiz. Once you "graduate" from the school, play the cool trivia game. You have 10 seconds to answer each of the 10 questions. Every correct answer helps you earn virtual $. It’s a great way to strengthen your knowledge.

◆ 100% real-life case studies. In the Trend Predictor, you will be given real-world situations and you'll have to forecast what will happen to the price of the asset. This section can be unlocked after earning $200 of virtual money. Each answer will show in-depth analysis of how the market reacted and WHY. In this section, you will understand the basis of how pros predict currency movements.

◆ Avoid losses from trading at the wrong times. In the new Golden Hours section, you will be able to know the best and worst times to trade forex. Interactive graphics will let you pinpoint the days of the week and even hours of the day when the markets offer the highest potential profits. Uncover the worst times for trading with the lowest liquidity. Know the opening and closing hours of the major forex market sessions in London, New York, Sydney & Tokyo.

Many other forex learning apps & resources often contain inferior information created by low-paid content writers who are not active traders and have no understanding of the forex market and global trends. Many also provide misleading and outdated information. Imagine spending weeks and even months learning ineffective and faulty strategies that will give in a false sense of security and result in lost money. No fun. Forex Hero will save you months of wasted effort and frustration.

Forex Hero will become an invaluable tool not only for your trading career but also for business ideas. Follow our social accounts to stay updated with the latest tips and improvement news:
▶ Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/Forex-Hero-1534786416537763
▶ Google Plus: http://plus.google.com/110898804042109597271
▶ Twitter: https://twitter.com/forexheroteam
▶ Website: https://forexhero.eu/

We’d love to hear from you. Leave a review and tell us what we can do to make and keep Forex Hero the best forex trading app!

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