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GPS Driving Route Navigation, Live Traffic & Maps

GPS Driving Route Navigation, Live Traffic & Maps

by globalapps

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  • GPS Driving Route Navigation, Live Traffic & Maps
  • GPS Driving Route Navigation, Live Traffic & Maps
  • GPS Driving Route Navigation, Live Traffic & Maps

GPS satellite postcard navigation with live traffic alerts and real-time traffic data can help you get a smooth ride. Plan your route with route planner and move on the road. The latest maps with various route finder options, route information like estimated time, distance, traffic, speed and much more are waiting for you in this GPS driving route navigation, direct traffic and map app. Smooth travel with direct navigation, free GPS maps, current traffic data and real-time traffic information will be useful to you. The latest route planner will plan a better route for you on the map, find the route on the map and navigate freely with direct navigation. The latest satellite view maps will show your current location on the 2020 direct satellite map.

Live GPS navigation and real-time updates on the latest satellite maps show you the world map of the earth. Live earth map view and world maps show updated satellite maps. Real-time location updates on live map show your current location updates on the map. Move on the map, explore and navigate on world maps. Live earth maps have features of live location updates, live traffic maps and live navigation on the latest maps. Live route navigation on the best possible routes makes your journey easy. Travel planner and route navigation maps plan route on the map.

The address tracker finds your address on the map. You can copy your address and share it with your friends and family. You can also see your latitude and longitude on the map. Get latitude and longitude of any address on the latest GPS map. GPS speedometer will tell you speed, and an accurate compass will find direction with the value of the north.

Direct directions and traffic maps with direct traffic alerts, real-time traffic data and transit maps help you along the way. Easy transit maps find short routes on the map. The address tracker finds an accurate address for you. You can copy and share any address with the advanced address finding feature of this live GPS and free maps app. You can see latitude, longitude on the map, and you can share it with your friends and family.

GPS speedometer shows live speed. Digital GPS Speedometer shows your current speed. Accurate compass shows directions and value of the north. Navigate on satellite maps. Live Satellite 3D Maps 2020 will show you the latest satellite views of your current location. Check out the current current location on satellite Earth 3D 2020 maps. Change card type with a single button.

Key Features

• Navigate on a live GPS satellite map
• Find directions
• Real-time traffic data and traffic information
• Easy transport card
• Accurate compass with directions
• GPS speedometer
• Advanced route finder and live navigation
• Easy address tracing and location map

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