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GST EMI - Free Loan Calculator

28 Aug 2019 App Of The Day

GST EMI - Free Loan Calculator

by InitioTechMedia

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  • GST EMI - Free Loan Calculator
  • GST EMI - Free Loan Calculator
  • GST EMI - Free Loan Calculator
  • GST EMI - Free Loan Calculator

This smart and handy app is a one-stop solution to your financial calculation. You can easily calculate, track and get the information related to your financial investment.

An EMI calculator is used to calculate the Equated Monthly Installment for any credit, which is essentially a fixed sum the borrower (of an advance) needs to pay each month to a money related organization from which the advance was profited. The EMI comprises of two segments a bit of the loan principal and the interest charged.

Main Features:-

# EMI Calculator is the special kind of calculator that calculates your Loan EMI.

# Calculate EMI on a monthly basis.

# Generate statistics chart instantly.

# Statistics shows Principal Amount, Interest rate and remaining balance per month.

# Easy GST Calculator option provides the option to find taxes to be paid by adding or removing GST amount.



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1. Create a loan profile for your home loan, car loan, educational loan etc and track them all together.

2. Get useful stats about the completion of individual / cumulative loan . You will get notified about your due EMI on the payment date.

3. The variable interest rate, loan prepayment, fees, and charges are also available with loan profile and can be modified at any time.

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