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20 Nov 2022 App Of The Day


by Hapcha Ltd.

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Hapcha – Nutrition Coach is designed to make healthy eating and building healthy eating habits as easy as possible, so you can focus on pursuing the goals that really matter to you.

Simply log the foods you eat in the app's food diary and your Hapcha nutrition coach will suggest small changes you can make to optimise the diet you already have to improve food consumption and healthy eating habits with calorie counter, food diary and nutrition tracking. Then, take it to the next level and tap “Balance”. Hapcha will intelligently scan all the foods you’re eating today and tweak the amount of each so that you can get the nutrition you need from the foods you love.

We can’t wait to help you feed what matters!

But how does Hapcha – Nutrition Coach work? Great question! Hapcha - Nutrition Coach will ask you for a few basic measurements such as your height and weight. You can update these at any time to see your progress and this allows us to understand a bit more about how your body processes food and makes it possible to help you with building a healthy life when it comes to food consumption and eating habits.

You’ll also have the chance to follow a nutrition plan supported by our Nutri Coach feature. This team of expert Nutritionists and Personal Trainers created these nutrition plans to cover a wide variety of weight, fitness and lifestyles goals so there’s something for everyone. Then, as you log foods each day in the apps food diary, your nutrition coach will let you know how closely your foods match this nutrition plan and give you tips to make small changes based on food diary and calorie counter data to get you closer to the plan. These small changes over time add up to make a big difference!

With Nutri coach it is easier to build healthy eating habits!

Hapcha has one more secret weapon though for ensuring you get the right amount of calories and nutrients from your foods. Tap “Balance” and our Artificial Intelligence Nutri Coach will tweak the portion size of each food in your food diary and meals to help you get the right amount of carbohydrate, protein and fats - which ensures using nutrition data and calorie counter is easy. This makes it easier than ever to follow your nutrition, fitness, weight or health plans!

Download Hapcha – Nutrition Coach today and start getting the nutrition your body needs from the foods you enjoy.

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