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Hoop Messenger

14 Apr 2020 App Of The Day

Hoop Messenger

by Mobiman

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Hoop Messenger is a lite, simple, secure, fast, and fun messaging app that allows you to communicate with your friends and family anywhere in the world for FREE!

* There's ZERO ADS!!

* Send photos, videos, documents, and multimedia messages

* Protect your privacy with end-to-end encrypted free voice & video calls

* Access your messages anytime with offline messaging

* Use our creative tools to create stickers and emoji that express your feelings and moods

* Invite friends and family to download Hoop Messenger to text chat and call each other for free

Hoop Messenger features a patent pending encrypted Vault to store your content and chats in and a secure browser that cannot be monitored. We also allow users to create multiple aliases that cannot be traced back to your master account.


  • E2E encryption
  • Vault/Safebox to encrypt/hide photos, videos and any type of documents
  • Multiple Aliases which cannot be traced to master account
  • Proxy browser
  • Unblocked secure phone and video calls
  • Channels and Subtopics to build groups and communities
  • Remote delete your account from anywhere
  • Timed messages
  • Unfiltered communications
  • Ad-free, secure and fast.
  • Anonymous social media
  • Pin code protection, total app/account protection from unwanted eyes.

Happy Hooping!

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